Bangkok #9

571 Central Ave
St Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 894-5990

Recommended items:
Mexican roll
Crab wontons


Not bad

This is another thai-sushi place in St Pete. It's located in downtown St Pete and is really close to the State Theatre and the Emerald. So if you're out there for a show at one of those venues, this might be a good place to get dinner. Last time I was there was on a Thursday night and it wasn't too crowd, it was actually pretty empty, though it can get very crowded on the weekends.

Sushi at Bangkok 9

The crab wontons were some of the best I've ever had. If you normally like crab wontons, order some here. Last time I didn't get too adventurous, I just ordered a mexican, a bagel, and some salmon sashimi. The salmon sashimi and mexican were good. The bagel was not bad, but I think I'm not into smoked salmon anymore, I'd rather have fresh raw salmon. My friend ordered one of the sashimi combos, which looked really good, and he enjoyed quite a bit.

Sashami at Bangkok 9

Thai Am 2 is still my all-time favorite thai-sushi place, but if you're in downtown St Pete this is a good choice. I've tried other thai-sushi places in downtown, but haven't had as good an experience, but that's usually because we ordered specialty rolls that didn't end up being especially good. I'll eventually revisit those other places, as its all a matter of finding what items are good.