Tokyo Sushi Bar

5711 East Fowler Avenue
Tampa, FL 33617
(813) 983-1822

Recommended items:
Spicy Tuna Roll


Lunch at Tokyo

Despite this place being close to where I work, it suffers from being too close to Ichiban, and I generally take the longer trip rather than eat here most of the time. But I've been here a handful of times. They have an extensive specialty roll selections with some interesting choices. They have a large variety of lunch specials with sizable portions.

Last time I ate there I had the lunch special #7 (Miso Soup, 8 pc Tampa Roll, 8 pc Spicy Tuna Roll; pictured above) and some salmon sashimi. The tampa roll was a little too crisp, but had a good flavor. The spicy tuna roll was good and I'd order it again. This lunch special gives you 16 large pieces of sushi, you are not likely to be hungry after eating it. It's nice combo of a cooked roll and a raw roll. The salmon sashimi was merely good enough.

I think I will get sushi from here more often. The lunch special #3 (pictured above) is next on my list, though I'm going to try to substitute the California roll for something else.