Tampa, FL: Ichiban Japanese Cuisine

Ichiban Japanese Cuisine
2786 E Fowler Ave Ste A
Tampa, FL 33612-6297
(813) 978-8095

Recommended rolls:
Buc's Roll
Volcano Topping Roll
Mike's Roll
Crunchy Baked Salmon Roll
Mexican Roll



Ichiban is an old favorite of mine. I used to work very close to it and it was a weekly ritual among my coworkers to have lunch their. I have eaten more sushi their than anywhere else. Although its nice to experience new sushi restaurants, its always great to come back to the old familiar Ichiban. They also let me know that "we haven't seen you in a while" if I have not been there in a while. I don't have the heart to tell them that I've been trying new places. Ichiban remains my favorite sushi restaurant in Tampa.

And I'm not alone in my love of Ichiban. They are one of the more crowded restaurants. They seem to have their ups and downs, but its not unusual to have to wait to be seated whether you are coming for lunch or dinner. It's close proximity to USF may have something to do with this, combined of course with the fact that they have excellent sushi. If its busy, expect to wait quite a while for your food to come.

If you come for lunch, the Box A lunch special is an amazing deal. You get salmon, tuna, and whitefish sashimi; California, tuna, and salmon sushi rolls (9 pieces total); miso soup, and several other items. They allow you to substitute another roll for the tuna and salmon rolls, though this unfortunately does not include their specialty rolls. When I order the Box A I always have the dilemma of whether or not to also order a specialty roll, but when I do I regret that I simply cannot finish all my food. The Box A provides plenty of food, at least for me. There are also several other lunch specials on the menu.


Or course I would recommend the Mexican roll. However, Mexican rolls are usually good everywhere. They are my one safe bet. Also, the crunchy baked salmon roll is to die for. Especially since Ichiban made the rolls smaller and the pieces can now fit into your mouth. And finally, even though I am not a fan of ginger, their ginger salad is top notch!